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GODSFIELD COMPANION: Chakras” by Thimela Garcia
project editor: Clare Churly; designer: Leonardo Collina; Illustrations by Emilia Franchini 
© Octopus Publishing Group Ltd – Hachette UK

The definitive guide to the chakras: their associated features and how strengthening and healing each chakra can lead to improved health, energy and wellbeing.

emilia franchini‘s chakras illustrations

“The word mudra means pleasure. Mudras are symbolic gestures that are usually practised with the hands and fingers, although some mudras involve the entire body”.

Ajna: Nadi Shodhana. This pranayama breath-control practice stimulates Ajna, improves concentration and balances the breath and the hemispheres of the brain”. 

“Yellow: Manipura is associated with this colour and is often referred to as the brain of the nervous system. When this chakra is balanced, we shouldn’t have any abdominal problems. It helps to cleanse the pores in the skin and stimulates the brain. Yellow is compared to joy and brightness. It may help when you are tired, depressed, have skin or weight problems or suffer from ulcers. This colour is also associated with fire and action”.

“Pose for Anahata: Camel Pose. This backbend stretches the entire front of the body: the ankles, thighs, groin, spine and shoulders. It is a chest-opener and works on the Manipura, Anahata and Vishuddha chakras”.

“The fifth element is the Spirit. In Sanskrit this is Akasha, and that’s where the term Akashic Records” comes from: a record of knowledge belonging to the material plane, which exists in the astral realm. In the Middle Ages Ether was referred to as the fifth element”.

“The element of Water affects the subconscious, the emotions and dreams. It’s also the element of love. Constantly active below the surface, it influences our moods and emotional responses”. 

“It is normal and very common for the aura to get stressed and cluttered with all of these. If the aura isn’t cleaned, you might start feeling anxious, tired, irritated and negative. Luckily we can clear all these emotions from our electromagnetic field. I love an aura-cleansing bath. Here is the method:”

“Healing Vishuddha The idea of healing your chakras is to bring each chakra alive.Eat all the blue foods that are available to you, […] Nourish your body by eating citrus fruit. Take hot drinks, soups and a light diet that is vegan and plant-based”.

“In yogic tradition, mantras are used during meditation to achieve a meditative state, which promotes healing on many different levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual”.

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